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APRIL 11, 2018

INSTRUCTOR TRAINING: Effective Balance & Mobility Training for Seniors

INSTRUCTOR TRAINING: Effective Balance & Mobility Training for Seniors

NEW FORMAT!!!  Workshop offerred on 2 consecutive Sundays. October 20 & October 27 2019.

The goal of Surefeet "Effective Balance & Mobility Training for Seniors" Instructor workshop is to present a program that will focus on the tools and techniques to help enable you to offer effective balance & mobility classes for Seniors.

The program that we offer sets itself apart from many others in the following ways:

  • We are a community based program that requires pre and offers post assessments.  Every participant who registers for this program must go through the assessment process.  This information provides insight into each individual participant which aids us in designing the lesson plans and in maximizing safety.  The one on one assessment session presents an opportunity to “gently” get to know one another which encourages the development of the emotional connection more quickly.
  • Periodically the assessment process is repeated at the culmination of the 16-20 class session to evaluate the progress of each participant and to specify the changes that have occurred

The 2 day workshop will cover:

  • A brief overview of the aging process
  • Information re: diseases and disorders we commonly see within our classes and how to incorporate this knowledge into your program
  • What sets our program apart
  • Assessment procedures
  • Program & Lesson planning/delivery
  • The FUN factor!


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