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Class Descriptions
Surefeet Online Functional Balance & Mobility 

Level 1: This class caters to those who

  1. spend a lot of their day seated 
  2. have balance problems
  3. have difficulty with processing skills
  4. are recovering from surgery/injury
  5. want to have fun while exercising

A slower paced Surefeet Seniors class with modifications for Stroke survivors, both seated & standing, modifications for seated during standing exercises if required

Mon/Wed 11:05   55 min

Surefeet Online Functional Balance & Mobility

Level 2:  This class caters to those who are
  1. Independent living
  2. balance challenged Seniors
  3. wanting to maintain mobility
  4. wanting to improve strength and balance
  5. interested in brain health activities
  6. want to have fun while exercising
Class will focus upon strength, flexibility, aerobic activity, brain health, both seated and standing   
Mon/Wed 10:00    55  min
Surefeet Online Recovery & Rehab

 This class caters to those who

  1. spend a lot of their day seated....and/or
  2. have balance problems...and/or
  3. are recovering from surgery/injury...and/or
  4. need large range of motion exercises...and/or
  5. want to increase flexibility...and/or
  6. want to have fun while exercising!

Focus on Range of motion & stretching, Seated and standing

 Thursday 12:00     55 min

Surefeet Online PWR!Moves Plus : This class caters to those who
  1. live with Parkinson's/PD warriors
  2. are active independent living Seniors
  3. want to improve their strength
  4. want to improve their mobility
  5. want to improve their brain health
  6. want to have fun!
Class includes HIIT/Brain Health, strength, aerobic flexibility, large range of motion activities, seated and standing
Mon/Wed/Fri   12:10    55 minutes


  604 417 6441 or 604 401 9029



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