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Since 2010 Judy Bjornson and Susan Bock Smith with the Surefeet team have instructed more than 4000 classes to over 3600 registrants at several different locations across the North Shore.
The primary goal of the Surefeet program is to improve balance & mobility as a means of fall prevention and to address social withdrawl by inclusion, all in an effort to enhance Seniors' well-being, quality of life and their ability to live independently.  Although it is not possible to eliminate certain risk factors known to contribute to increased fall rates such as; advancing age and disease we can positively affect many intrinsic risk factors through program planning. Surefeet group exercise classes have been designed to meet the needs of the older community dwelling adult experiencing balance & mobility issues.

Classes are 60 minutes long, twice a week. Surefeet strives to help participants understand which environments should be avoided until  balance improves. In addition to increased postural competence we have seen a significant increase in confidence levels which helps to motivate participants to become more physically active on a regular basis.  This program has 3 ability levels.  Surefeet 1,2 & 3.


60 minute classes twice weekly consist of:

Warm Up

  • To elevate the heart rate and prepare muscles and joints for activity

Skills Component

  • Balance Training
  • Sensory System Training
  • Gait Training
  • Posture Training

Educational Component

  • Emphasis on the importance of regular exercise for a healthy lifestyle/to remain independent
  • Basic info on how specific exercises improve movement, can reduce pain 
  • Safety tips
  • Take home information handouts

Cognitive Enhancement Component

  • Brain health activities

Strength & Flexibility Component

  • Use of Thera bands, weights, balls, own body weight

Cool Down

  • Exercises to return heart rate to baseline
  • Gentle stretching
  • Review key teaching points

During this unprecedented time in our lives we have adjusted to an online format.  We do our best to keep to our above described class description.  Activities that normally require physical assistance are either modified or avoided.  Where possible we have substituted household items for our regular class equipment.  

Contact:      604 417 6441 or 604 401 9029



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