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Judy Bjornson

Judy received her FallProof Balance & Mobility Specialist training from California State University in 2010 and has been a Surefeet co-owner, trainer and educator since that time. She is a Certified PWR!Moves Instructor.   In 2016 Judy/Surefeet was selected to teach a 9 month Parkinsons specific research study program which was part of a project supported by Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute Innovation and Translational Research Award funded by VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation. Knowledge gained from Judy’s Urban Poling Certification enhances specific rehabilitation training programs she designs for people with Parkinsons, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and other disabling diseases/conditons. She is an Aquatic Rehabilitation Specialist and has been working in the water with clients since 2007.  She regularly  works with clients who are referred by ICBC and also those with disabilities looking to improve their mobility and independence.  Judy is a Certified Master Trainer  for WaterART Fitness International and teaches several aquatic certifications throughout Vancouver.  She is one of only two WaterART specialists in Central/Western Canada qualified to administer WaterART Certification examinations. Due to her genuine compassion and extensive disease/disability knowledge as it relates to rehabilitation/movement, Judy was selected as a Program Co-ordinator by the Vancouver Brain Injury Association to head up their Brain Gain program. In all aspects of her life Judy strives to positively affect the lives of those she encounters.

Susan Bock Smith

Susan received her formal training at McGill University where she earned a Bachelor of Education with a Major in Physical Education. She taught Elementary Physical  Education prior to raising her family. Her strong desire to work in a field that benefits individuals as well as their community has led her back to her education roots.  She is FallProof certified, California State, Fullerton 2010 (Fall Prevention Balance & Mobility Specialist) and has found her career niche in Seniors' Balance & Mobility Training which has led to the creation of Surefeet; Training programs that have a strong positive impact upon the lives of Seniors and others with balance and/or mobility challenges.  Since 2010  she has instructed over 4100 Balance & Mobility classes in North & West Vancouver to over 3700 registrants. She is a PWR!Moves (Parkinsons' Disease) Certified Instructor and in 2016 was selected to instruct a 9 month PD specific research study program which is part of a project supported by Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute Innovation and Translational Research Award funded by VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation.  Susan is a certified Urban Poling (Nordic Walking) Instructor incorporating these techniques and others into Surefeet classes.  A special interest of Susan's is combining cognitive activities with physical exercise which has been a staple of the Surefeet program for several years.  She recently received certification as a Brain Health Trainer to increase her knowledge of cognitive aging and its relationship to exercise. WIth a focus on Seniors Fall Prevention, Balance & Mobility  Susan is a Speaker as well as an Educator/Workshop Presenter. Workshops are recognized by BCRPA/BritishColumbia, SPRA/ Saskatchrwan, NSFA/Nova Scotia with continuing Education Credits for its' members.  Susan's underlying goal is to reduce the fall risk of Seniors as well as to enhance their well-being, quality of life and ability to live independently.


Sue Dogan

Sue Dogan is a certified exercise therapist with the following certifications and training/experience: BCRPA Aquatic, Water Art Int’l Neurological Common Movement Disorder, WaterART Fitness Int’l Arthritis, Alzheimer Society of BC Dementia Program, Pwr!4Life Power Moves, and Surefeet Fall Prevention Balance & Mobility Training.

Sue leads and designs exercise programs for participants on land and in water. She specializes in teaching participants living with multiple sclerosis, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and various other balance and mobility issues. She also specializes in working with participants who have survived a stroke.

She is excited to be teaching SUREFEET, as this training program is particularly well-suited to meet the individual needs of participants. As participants improve their strength and balance throughout the sessions, Sue is able to modify and customize training in order to continue recovery and to improve participants’ overall quality of life.

When not teaching, Sue loves to travel.  Since the birth of her two grandsons, Grandma Sue often chooses to spend her leisure time staying close to home in order to spend time with her two delightful boys.

Susan Freeborn

Susan Freeborn has 30 plus years’ experience in the fitness industry. In the early 90's she acquired her BCRPA Fitness to Music certification and began leading group fitness. She has been an instructor with the North Vancouver Recreation Commission teaching a variety of fitness levels on land including boxercise and step classes as well as high and low impact aerobics in many locations around the North Shore.
Susan’s knee injury from her youth caused her to explore the NVRC water classes.  While recovering from her own knee replacements, she discovered firsthand, a deep understanding of the pain, discomfort, hard work, motivation, emotional stress accompanied with rehabilitation.  This experience created in Susan a desire to help others going through similar phases of recovery and as a result Susan holds many certifications through
WaterART Fitness Int’l

She has worked one on one with clients in the water. Susan has had great success with rehabbing injuries such as retraining clients to walk after a stroke had disabled them. Susan also works with sports injury clients in the pool and leads Stroke/Parkinson’s group conditioning and wellness classes.  Upon completing the Surefeet Seniors Fall Prevention Balance & Mobility Training program in 2016, Susan joined the Surefeet team and began instructing Surefeet classes to Seniors in the community. Susan continues to lead balance and mobility classes for Seniors on the North Shore and is quite passionate about keeping seniors fit and living independently for life.

Ariyanna Pascuzzi 

Ariyanna joined the Surefeet team after meeting Judy and Susan at one of her "Senior Flashmobs" that she with a colleague had designed and organized.  Ariyanna loves working with Seniors so this was a perfect fit.  During her 35 years of teaching, Ariyanna has acquired certification with I.S.T.D., AquaFit, B.C.R.P.A.,TRX, IDEA, Twist Conditioning, Kinesiology, Core Training and Pilates for rehabilitation through The Physical Mind Institute.  Ariyanna expanded her initial involvement in dance and music to include exercise for injury prevention after learning the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between performance and conditioning.  This "Core Idea", is beneficial for all ages. "We are never too young or too old to start taking care of our bodies". When she isn't teaching, Ariyanna is still performing or working in the community. She is currently a director on two community boards as well as the community Liaison for a Dance studio. Her goal is to keep learning as much as she can to help improve the quality of life for others including helping those with physical and mental limitations. Ariyanna is proud to be a member of the Surefeet Team. 


Wendy Padwick

After over 30 years of working in the Not for Profit sector, Wendy retired from her position of Director of Children and Family Services with North Shore ConneXions Society. Looking for something meaningful to do with her time, she decided to follow her husband’s lead and explore a part time career in fitness.  Being aware of Judy’s work in balance and fall prevention, she started volunteering in Surefeet classes. Seeing the difference this made in participants’ lives, she became passionate about helping to spread the word about the program. After completing her Fitness Theory and Group Fitness certification she attended the Surefeet Effective Balance & Mobility Training for Seniors, EB&MTS in the spring of 2019. Wendy is thrilled to officially become a member of the Surefeet team. She is grateful for the support and encouragement she has received from the instructors and participants alike.




Annie Hill







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