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With the "onset" of Covid 19 all of our physical class locations were shut down.  To ensure that our participants were able to continue with their exercise classes while isolating at home we began offering  free Online Surefeet classes.   These classes were available from March 19 through until the end of July.  Currently we offer 10 classes a week, various types and levels at a trial rate of $5/class when you register for a session of classes.

Our online Class schedule is as follows:

Surefeet Online Functional Balance & Mobility
Level 1: Slower paced Seniors class, modifications for Stroke survivors, seated & standing 
Mon/Wed 11:00   35 minutes    October/55 minutes

Surefeet Online Functional Balance & Mobility
Level 2: Independent living balance challenged Seniors, Strength, flexibility, aerobic, brain health, seated and standing 
Mon/Wed 10:15    35  minutes    October/55 minutes

Surefeet Online PWR!Moves Plus: Parkinson's and/or Active independent living Seniors, HIIT, Dual Task exercises/Brain Health, modifications for seated if required, seated and standing
Mon/Wed/Fri 11:45    40 minutes    October/55 minutes     


Surefeet Online Rehab & Recovery:  Gentle seated and standing rehab focused sessions for Seniors wanting to maintain their independence, Parkinson’s Warriors /Stroke Survivors and/or participants with M.S.  Strength, Balance, Mobility, Cardio flexibility, and Brain health                          Thursday 12:00    45 minutes    October/55 minutes    


Currently there is a 15 minutes chat/sign on at the beginning of each class.  The times you see above are the actual class start times so you would need to sign on a bit before that time.


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